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On Sun, 27 May 2007, william(at) wrote:

> On Sun, 27 May 2007, Chris L. Morrow wrote:
>>> So, I think I can sum up your reply by saying that your suggestion is
>>> to provide a lesser service than we do now (v4 NAT, proxies, etc.
>>> sound to me like lesser service), during the transition period.
>> I think you also missed the suggestion that sending out CPE with DD-wrt
>> was a 'good idea'. Honestly DD-wrt/open-wrt are nice solutions for testing
>> or for people willing to fiddle, they are not a good solution for
>> 'grandma'.
> My parents and brother both have linksys with dd-wrt that I put up.
> I don't maintain it at all and it "just works". No, they are not using
> v6, but if it was available I don't anticipate any problems as their
> system os at home all support it now.

The point BTW is not that its not good or bad solution for grandma but
that if solutions were needed quickly getting up in would no longer be
as big of a deal. And besides all those vendors would love to have a
reason to market to folks that they need to upgrade their router ASAP.

However the reason why ipv6 is not happening is that nobody has strong
enough reason to do it and unless some reall cool (p2p or alike)
application comes along, all the upgrades will happen at the very last
moment when we actually run out of v4. On this point I personally do
not see it happening in 2010 (and I have done my own calculations) but
within 2010-2015 closer to end of that range - however I'm not sure
exact date/year is really important because of the reasons stated above.

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Elan Networks
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