NANOG 40 agenda posted

Randy Bush randy at
Sun May 27 02:52:58 UTC 2007

>> you have something new and interesting about ipv6?  if so, did you
>> submit?
> If you are going to stand at microphones at other groups meetings and
> take credit for turning on the first v6 network, perhaps you should be
> asking yourself this very question?

first, i did not say i turned it on.  i said the company for which i
worked did.

second, nothing new and interesting about ipv6 of which i am aware.

> My colleagues and I need some training. We don't have the experience.
> I'm asking because we want to see this at NANOG and I'm wondering why
> there isn't.

wow!  you missed the one day workshop in the lacnic meeting you just
attended?  bummer.

what would a nanog v6 workshop contain?  especially given the excellent
tee shirt "96 more bits, no magic?"


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