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Kevin Day toasty at
Sun May 27 02:26:44 UTC 2007

On May 26, 2007, at 8:57 PM, Jared Mauch wrote:

> 	I think you're missing a few things here.
> (subset of CPE --)
>  - "Firewalls" and NAT (wasn't v6 supposed to stop the latter)
>  - end-hosts (Grandma still using unpatched win98/winME isn't going
>     to be looking at the ipv6 pr0n project anyways.. or is she ;)

Speaking as your representative of the ipv6 pr0n project (http:// I thought I'd chime in here, as well. :)

I hoped to be at a point with our experiment to be able to give a  
presentation at this NANOG(if it would be accepted, anyway), but some  
financial and technical setbacks have slowed us down a bit. A few of  
our offers of free transit for the experiment seem to have fallen  
through, as well as a few unrelated issues taking up most of our free  
time slowing down the progress of the custom software for it.

That said, one of our definite goals is to measure things like:

* What problems the average end user has after turning IPv6 on, no  
matter what method they're using for it. (Native connectivity,  
tunnels, 6to4, etc)
* What issues we have trying to leverage a ton of off-the-shelf  
software (log analyzers, monitoring tools, discussion forums, etc)  
just getting this experiment accessible over v6.
* We're going to try to touch on every piece of the IPv6 landscape in  
one way or another, and document what problems we run into. End user  
software/CPE support, transit issues, peering issues, server  
software, router configuration, etc.
* What breaks on the user side just by turning v6 on? What breaks on  
the server side?
* How much worse download speeds are on average over v6 than v4, for  
users motivated to download large files?

So, while I can't do anything for this NANOG, I do plan on presenting  
our results at whatever *NOG will have us when the experiment is  
complete. If there are any avenues of interest that you specifically  
want more information on "what would happen if we had to deploy v6  
now" kinds of things, we're in a position to tell you. Just let me  
know and I'll find some way of measuring/surveying/documenting it.

-- Kevin

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