Interesting new dns failures

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Fri May 25 20:23:42 UTC 2007

On Fri, 25 May 2007 12:08:44 PDT, Scott Weeks said:
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> > the bits of governments that deal with online crime, spam, etc.,
> > I can report that pretty much all of the countries that matter  
> > realize there's a problem, and a lot of them have passed or will  
> > pass laws whether we like it or not.  So it behooves us to engage  
> > them and help them pass better rather than worse laws.
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> Which countries are "pretty much all of the countries that matter"?  Do you
> have a list or is this just 'something you're sure of'?

A lot of the more nefarious uses of the DNS are there precisely because the
actual country *doesn't* matter, and as a result the TLD is run by somebody
who is asleep at the wheel or worse.  For instance, there appears to be a
'*.cm' wildcard in place, and several "flag of convenience" TLDs with a high
ratio of users that aren't actually associated with the country...
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