Interesting new dns failures

John Levine johnl at
Fri May 25 05:45:37 UTC 2007

>I ask you: What would you suggest? It's quite hard to craft
>technical solutions to policy failures.

Since the registrar business has degenerated into a race to the
bottom, I don't see anything better than setting a floor that is the
minimal allowable bottom.  Since ICANN has neither the inclination nor
the competence to do that, and they have no control over ccTLDs
anyway, that means (egad!) regulation.

Yeah, I know the Internet is all over the world, but as a participant
in the London Action Plan, an informal talking shop of the bits of
governments that deal with online crime, spam, etc., I can report that
pretty much all of the countries that matter realize there's a
problem, and a lot of them have passed or will pass laws whether we
like it or not.  So it behooves us to engage them and help them pass
better rather than worse laws.

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