Slate Podcast on Estonian DOS atatck

Merike Kaeo kaeo at
Thu May 24 15:56:32 UTC 2007

Yes...definitely b.  I was there.......and Bill speaks from  
experience as well since the RIPE meeting happened to be in Tallinn  
during the peak of the attack.  I'm of estonian decent I  
could keep up with local news (besides having personal contacts) and  
there were severe attacks to government sites and major banks as well  
as other facilities.  Although nothing ended up being down for more  
than an hour that had been recognized ahead of time as being  
'important'.   Most people are not aware how much estonia relies on  
it's network infrastructure for government operations, banking and  
the daily life of ordinary people.    They had the good fortune of  
starting 'fresh' in the early 1990's without legacy baggage :)

They were prepared for the worst......technically the folks I've  
dealt with are some of the best.........and it's important to keep in  
mind that since the attack(s) were politically motivated, the timing  
of the worst of it was known and the banks, ISPs, police, government  
could coordinate a pretty tight plan of action.  It is an unusual  
situation...or at least the first of its kind.

- merike

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