BGP announce/withdrawal history.

Forrest W. Christian fwc at
Thu May 24 07:42:32 UTC 2007

Earlier today I had an issue where a circuit to one of my two BGP 
connected upstreams went away for an hour or so.  

During this period, I expected BGP to act as expected and migrate the 
traffic to the second circuit with a second provider.  This did not 
occur.  Initially I figured this had to do with route flap amplification 
or similar causing route dampening.  However, when the circuit came back 
up connectivity was almost immediately restored to the entire internet, 
which doesn't seem consistant with a route flap dampening, unless the 
timing was just coincidental.

This leads me to believe that the routes may have not been withdrawn for 
the path through the second provider even though the circuit was down 
for ~90 minutes.    How this would have occured I have no idea.

At this point, I'm trying to reconstruct the state of the global routing 
table in relation to my prefixes during this period.   I seem to recall 
at least historically that there was at least one or two places which 
were capturing route announcement/withdrawl data on the internet.   
However, google fails me.   Is this data currently being captured 
anywhere, and if so, is this data publically available (or at least are 
the data "owners" willing to provide an extract for my prefixes)?

Any pointers would be helpful.


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