Interesting new dns failures

Roger Marquis marquis at
Tue May 22 21:05:26 UTC 2007

> Why are people trying to solve these problems in the core?

Because that's the only place it can be done.

> These issues need to and must be solved at the edge.

Been there, done that, with smtp/spam, netbios, and any number of
other protocols that would also be ideally addressed at the source or
edge but, in reality, cannot.

> These issues should not be "solved" by the registry operators or
> root server operators, that's very dangerous.

Do you know that it is dangerous to fix problems at the core or are
you speculating?  If you can cite specific examples please do.  Simply
saying it is dangerous is indistinguishable from any other verisign

> People are suggesting it become the rule because nobody is
> trying anything else.

Can you say what that 'anything else' might consist of?

Roger Marquis
Roble Systems Consulting

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