motivation for routing a bit of

Neal R neal at
Tue May 22 00:49:49 UTC 2007

   If a municipality is going to set up a city wide 802.11 network
someone is going to have to keep an eye on all of the radio gear. HAMs
have the skills ... but what is the motivation?

  Set up a separate SSID exclusively for HAM use. Use IPsec AH -
cryptographically signed traffic keeps the unlicensed out without
breaking the no payload encryption requirements. City gets help with the
civil defense radio of the 21st century, HAMs get a new toy, and
everyone is happy. Sure, there are security concerns, but the interface
to the outside world is a proxy server HAMs can use while doing storm
watch and such ... nobody gets in or out without a note from the FCC ...

  Or am I making this just a bit too simple?

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