Use of portions of

Neal R neal at
Mon May 21 22:09:33 UTC 2007 is assigned to amateur radio operators. I'm a technician
licensee in good standing (callsign K0BSD) and I'd like to start using
portions of this space for an access project. I've been casting around
with the Google for a little bit and I can't find any central authority
from which to request a prefix. Does anyone on here know how this is
done? Can I expect full reachability or will prefixes from this /8 be
treated as a bogons?>sh ip ro
Routing entry for, 3 known subnets
  Variably subnetted with 2 masks

B [20/629] via, 3d14h
B [20/20] via, 04:55:18
B [20/0] via, 2w0d


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