Interesting new dns failures

Tim Franklin tim at
Mon May 21 21:19:06 UTC 2007

Stewart Honsberger wrote:

> Which is why new TLDs like .xxx et al. are redundant. I can see that 
> becoming a haven for vanity domains.

It gets worse.

In a previous life, I had the job of de-bunking^Wevaluating whichever 
bunch of alt-root snake-oil salesmen had managed to get an audience with 
our CTO with the pitch that it would be absolutely brilliant if everyone 
could just invent their own TLD.

"Just imagine - Fooboz could own .fooboz, then they could have 
sales.fooboz, support.fooboz, widgets.fooboz..."

"You know,, and all work today, right?"

Added to that their own panel of "Internet experts" to decide if a given 
Fooboz out of 47 (last time I checked) potential trade-mark holders on 
'fooboz' and countless possible companies of the same name has the 
*real* claim on the .fooboz TLD.

Feh.  That way lies madness.


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