Interesting new dns failures

Chris L. Morrow christopher.morrow at
Mon May 21 15:08:06 UTC 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007 michael.dillon at wrote:

> > There's an interesting read from NRIC about this problem:
> > "Signposts on the information superhighway" I think it's
> > called. Essentially no one aside from propeller-head folks
> > understand that there is something aside from 'com'
> Seems to me they are missing something here. Essentially no-on except
> from propeller-head folks uses the DNS for anything at all. Websites
> come from Google or bookmarks. Email addresses come from a directory or
> an incoming email or a business card.

This is sort of the point of the NRIC document/book... 'we need to
find/make/use a directory system for the internet' then much talk of how
"dns was supposed to be that but for a number of reasons it's not,
google/<insert favorite search engine> is instead"

> P.S., the .xx domains make the world look like a collection of countries
> all connected to the same Internet. But the reality is that the world is
> divided into a bunch of language zones, most of which cross several
> borders, and which don't tend to communicate much with the Internet that
> Americans see. For instance, what use does a Hungarian speaking native
> of Ukraine have for Or a SerboCroatian speaking native of
> Hungary?

oh, cnn doesn't publish their content in these tongues? :) they are
missing a marketting opportunity! :)


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