What's on topic for [email protected] vs. [email protected]

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sat May 19 11:28:18 UTC 2007

The following was recently asserted by someone on nanog-futures:

> Looking at the last two... posts, one of which went unchallenged for
> 4 days while the other was immediately followed by an email from me
> pointing out that the post was off-topic and asking him to stop; an
> immediate challenge appears to reduce the number of posts on that
> topic. The $TOPIC1 incident started $DATE and continued for 6 days
> and 60 posts.  The $TOPIC2 thread appears to have died out after 43
> messages, including the messages that discussed its off-topic-ness
> (and including the messages crossposted from nanog-futures).

The individuals involved are not germane and so have been redacted.

Anyway, just for the record, the majority of the threads that grow
like weeds have an "appropriateness to [email protected]" component to them and
thus belong on nanog-futures.

Everyone: YOU have the power to help make the determination that
certain threads properly belong on nanog-futures and not nanog at .  If
you really feel the need to reply to such threads, won't you please
consider setting reply-to to [email protected]{nanog.org, merit.edu} and
CCing same (I believe that as a [email protected] subscriber you are OK to post
even if you are not a subscriber; if I'm wrong please let me know and
we'll fix that)?  The MLC really hates quashing threads; some good old
fashioned grass roots efforts to move threads to where they belong
would be most welcome.

By the way, if YOU care about the future direction of the community,
why not subscribe to nanog-futures at nanog.org?  The list is fairly low
traffic compared to [email protected] (though we can expect some meta-discussions
over there).

Thank you,

                                        ---Rob (on behalf of nanog-admin,
                                                the nanog at nanog.org list
                                                administration team)

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