How many others are nullrouting BT?

Ross Hosman ross at
Fri May 18 05:13:52 UTC 2007

> Yeah, I know.  This is exactly why no ISPs have abuse help desks that
> respond, and nobody can get even the most trivial problems solved.

Over generalization sucks and just proves to everyone else what an
irrational individual you are.

> We do better.  We answer *EVERY* abuse complaint.  Which isn't much,
> because we do the job correctly.  And we care about the
> reliability/usability of the 'Net as a whole.

You do better because you are 1/10000th the size of a company like BT
and you handle colo only.

> So when the 'Net becomes partitioned by economics and politics, re-read
> this letter and know that "I told you so".  Know that being a smart-ass
> wasn't worth the effort.  It's already going there, and everyone whines
> but very few of us are doing the job in a manner appropriate to actually
> solving problems.

*Yawn*  while you are at it please null route Charter, Comcast, Cox,
Verizon, Att, etc. so the list doesn't have to see you send in another
email with you spouting your superiority while making nonsense

Now if you are done acting like a child you should have seen that
Michael Dillon is a member of this list and could have been used as a
resource to handle this problem before you sent in this nonsense to
the list. I hope in the future you think before you send so you don't
come across as the child stamping his feet when he doesn't get the
attention he wants.


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