Juniper M10i sufficient for BGP, or go with M20?

Daniel Roesen dr at
Fri May 18 00:10:28 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 12:16:03AM -0400, Warren Kumari wrote:
> [0] -- You haven't lived until you have spent 4 hours in the middle  
> of the night trying to figure out why the command that you typed (and  
> that shows up in the config) doesn't work -- only to be told "Oh,  
> that doesn't exist in this train, you need to upgrade to <inset some  
> new version that doesn't include the ability to actually forward  
> packets or something else equally critical>, we just reused the same  
> parser..."

Oh, only 4 hours? We went thru this for two weeks with TAC for the
exact same reason. In our case: QoS on MLPPP on ATM PVCs. You can
configure that fine on 12.2S, but it's only supported in 12.2SB.

After the recommended upgrade ("this version should be fine with your
hardware/software/features combination"), MLPPP on ChSTM1 stopped
working, yay! Not that they had "sh tech" outputs to double-check
for such known bugs before recommending an upgrade, no... of course
they did. First and foremost TAC job always seems to be "collect
intellig^Wconfigs of our customers" as we all know. :-Z

Now we're another step into upgrade-to-latest-greatest lala-land
(31SB5). No obvious problems yet (except that we can't standardise
on that version as PA-MC-8E1 stopped working [EOL, yay!], and we have
those deployed in other boxes). Let's see wether we will encounter
the mem leak problems other folks in the industry observed with 31SB*.

[hardware is NPE-G1 btw]

Shared Cisco trouble halves the pain. :-)

</rant mode=SCNR>

> [1] -- If you haven't run into the "oh, we can either forward packets  
> *really* fast, or count them, but not both" answer then you haven't  
> been doing this long enough.

To be fair, JNPR had bugs regarding that too. But they fixed them

I'm not sure wether one can nowadays believe the counters on the
dsc discard interface btw...

> P.S: I neither work for, nor hold any stock of either of the above  
> companies.

Dito :)

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