Directly contacting ISP's (Was: How many others are nullrouting BT?)

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Thu May 17 19:36:39 UTC 2007

Will Hargrave wrote:
> Jo Rhett wrote:
>> Oh, yes. Because BCPs are so very good at solving problems.
>> I wanna go live in your happy universe.  Because if BCP 38 were attended
>> to more than 40% of my job would be irrelevant, and 12-15% of our
>> traffic load would be reduced.
>> of the only colocation providers who does implement BCP 38.
> Is the alternative just to sit around, be sarcastic, and do nothing?

In particular I was saying that going back to his employer and doing 
something about *their problem right now* would be much more useful than 
writing a BCP would.

> If someone has enthusiasm to write documents and provide advice that is
> available to the community this is a Good Thing; they shouldn't be

And if they could instead focus on solving the real problem today... 
even better.

BCPs would be largely unnecessary if everyone focused on their job.

You can and should read "focused on their job" as also including "was 
allowed to focus on their job by their employer".

Jo Rhett
senior geek
Silicon Valley Colocation

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