Broadband routers and botnets - being proactive

Peter Dambier peter at
Thu May 17 17:42:06 UTC 2007

Ross Hosman wrote:
> Gadi,
> I appreciate your well thought out email but I sit here and wonder
> what exactly you are trying to accomplish with it? Are you just trying
> to shame the two ISPs listed publicly or are you trying to spark a
> discussion about something that many people here can't fix?
> Many businesses today are focused on driving revenue and fixing old
> CPE equipment doesn't generate revenue, it only ties up money and
> resources that can be used elsewhere to drive revenue. If I were you I
> would try to spin this problem in a way where you can show large ISPs
> by fixing CPE's it will free up network resources and staff which can
> be used elsewhere.
> The people that can fix these problems are usually unaware of them so
> try to educate those people. Write CEOs/CTOs/CSOs educating them and
> push the security teams for these companies to escalate these issues
> to their upper management (on that note I would say this type of
> discussion would be better suited for a security mailing list for the
> reason I stated before, many people here can't fix these problems).
> Simply stating that there is a problem and shunning ISPs with this
> problem isn't a fix for the problem, it just makes them ignore you and
> the problem.
> -Ross

Hi Ross,

Gadi is talking about our biggest ISP in germany and quasi a
monopoly. Gadi has reached the ears of the Pirates Party, a political
party that fights monopolies.

The hardware is very likely a branded version from AVM. They have no
updates for the branded version, but you can unbrand it. Then you
have a hardware that accepts open source firmware.

Kind regards

Peter and Karin

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