Colocation facilities in britian

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Wed May 16 21:44:38 UTC 2007

> Does anyone have ballpark costs on what colo space costs in 
> England.  We are getting a quote for 7500 gbp per month   For 
> 19 square meters of  space.  In us we pay 3500 a month for 
> 10x10 cage at a quest facility 
> Also I'd anyone can recommend some british colo companies 
> would appreciate it 

I would suggest that you specify that the colo must be located outside
the Greater London area unless you absolutely, positively must shave off
the extra 3 or 3 milliseconds of rtt. That way you avoid our power
shortage problems (which jack up prices) and you also get a colo where
all other costs are lower (real-estate, labor, utilities). This will be
reflected in the prices. Note that many companies claim to be in London
even though their physical location is not, because it is seen as

Get out a map of England that has a scale and compare some distances to
your local area. It is a small country and even way up north in
Manchester, they are only a few hours drive from London. Thankfully,
data traffic doesn't have to deal with the M6 north of Birmingham.

England really needs more data centres to locate well away from London,
closer to power generation sources. 

--Michael Dillon

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