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I think is a very insecure ISP.

The router is still distributed.
There is no warning by
There is no fix.

There is an ongoing discussion about a troyan developed and
distributed by the german gouvernement or their agencies.

So this router is a very likely means how they enter your home.

There is an ongoing discussion, fed mostly by our governement,
about china hacking german computers - industry espionage.

So it is very likely that china uses this governement troyan
to break into our computers.

The scenario is very likely because we do not grow computer
science people here in germany, we have to import them from
china, that is what our governement and our industry keeps
telling us.

Oh, there is a fix. is on strike.
If they were not, some 11 million germans might be made
into spam bots. That would effect routing world wide and
probably in north america too.

Peter and Karin

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