Broadband routers and botnets - being proactive

Albert Meyer from_nanog at
Tue May 15 19:47:54 UTC 2007

Kradorex Xeron wrote:
> Oh, one more thing to the first reply to this thread calling this a 
> non-operational issue, Gadi's in the right here: It IS an operational issue 
> that's getting reposted because it's NOT getting solved.
I recieved 4 emails (from Fergie, Suresh, Colin Johnson and "Kradorex Xeron") 
disagreeing with my assertion that Gadi's emails are off-topic. I also recieved 
a few emails saying things like "Sure he's off-topic, but he's a well-known 
botnet researcher, and a very smart guy, and don't you think you're being too 
hard on him?" and one saying in essence "Who are you to question a highly 
respected guy like Gadi?"

The 4 people who feel that Gadi's botnet posts are on-topic here in NANOG-L have 
apparently not read the NANOG-L charter and FAQ so I am providing links here:

I agree that Gadi is a highly respected botnet researcher, and I'm just a lowly 
netadmin at a regional ISP. Shouldn't I just shut up and soak up his glory? If 
this were a botnet list, yes. But this is a network operator's list, and I'm a 
network operator. There are lists where botnets are discussed, and Gadi is very 
active on those lists. There is no need for him to repost his botnet emails to 
NANOG-L. I don't join the botnet lists and spam them with networking issues, and 
it's not appropriate for Gadi to spam NANOG-L with botnet crap, regardless of 
how highly respected he is in his field.

Addressing the complaint that my response to Gadi was too harsh, I can only say 
that, to someone who isn't aware of the history, my response may seem harsh, but 
anyone who has seen the endless trolling of NANOG-L, the numerous requests 
(public and private) asking Gadi to cut it out, the extensive discussions on 
IRC, in private email and elsewhere will understand that the forcefulness of my 
request is appropriate given the fact that all previous attempts to end this 
needless disruption of NANOG-L have been ineffective.

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