IPv4 multihomed sites statistics

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue May 15 16:22:37 UTC 2007

>> Also, is there a way to find the average number of peers that  
>> these sites
>> multihome with?  If not, how large is it in general?
> Difficult to say, and lots of people have tried.  Route-Views @  
> Oregaon, CAIDA, RIPE RIS, and many others has some data you might  
> be able to morph into that.
The first problem is to identify what defines a site.

Is an ASN a site?  Would all of AS701 be considered a single site?   
If not,
then, how can one identify a site.  Is a prefix a site?  What about  
that are aggregated and span multiple locations all over the world?

There is no clear correlation between routing data and any logical  
of the term site.  Is a site a building, a campus, the collection of  
networked in a given metro. area? There isn't even a clear definition  
of the
term site, really.

If you can define what it is you want to measure, then, perhaps it  
can be
measured.  However, the question as stated cannot be measured because
the terms used are not sufficiently defined as to allow measurably
correct meaning.


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