Juniper M10i sufficient for BGP, or go with M20?

Donald Stahl don at
Mon May 14 23:57:49 UTC 2007

> Strange. My rep always took pride in the fact that M- and T- series
> devices have no overcommit at all.. Maybe things changed, we use no
> quad-gig.
Many of Junipers cards for the M7/M10 are oversubscribed- just look at 
their pdf's on the subject:

> I'm very happy about the Juniper devices I manage. They're expensive but
> very reliable, and their config interface has lots of unique features.
Juniper's greatest asset over Cisco is the single software image for all 
their systems. In my latest purchase that didn't justify paying 4 times as 
much no matter how much I love the software.


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