Directly contacting ISP's (Was: How many others are nullrouting BT?)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Mon May 14 18:02:19 UTC 2007

Jo Rhett wrote:

>> While NANOG is a nice stopgap for getting to the right people, it seems
>> to me that we should, collectively, come up with a better system for
>> doing this. If only the RIR databases were verified so that all contacts
>> listed were reading, willing and able to act on abuse issues...

> The RIR data only pointed to abuse at, and that was getting
> me nowhere. [..]

RIR data is 'too open' for real contacts to be found. Like spam can
cause [email protected] addresses to become useless, the information in the RIR
data mostly also get overspammed and thus often are not properly read.
There are of course a lot of places who do read them but still. IMHO the
data present in RIPEdb is also of much higher quality than the data in
ARIN, but that is my opinion.

Thus your other option as a Network administrator becomes to look up the
contact data in the Peering Database:

For BT this lists a NOC email address, and a direct person for Technical
and Policy decisions, which has an email and phone contact for your
perusal. Not directly the right person, but it at least brings you
somewhat in the right direction.

Next to that, of course never hesitate to setup an INOC-DBA account and
hook yourself up there. That brings your complaint only a simple
asn-dail away ;)

As these two mediums are more or less restricted to folks who actually
run an ASN, the chance of abuse/nonsense is lower, as such there is more
value and people tend to pick up the phone much easier.


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