How many others are nullrouting BT?

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Mon May 14 17:51:45 UTC 2007

Irrelevant of the BT specifics...

> Jo Rhett wrote:
>> We're considering null-routing all BT netblocks.  I'm wondering  
>> how many
>> others have already come to the same conclusion?

On May 14, 2007, at 3:30 AM, James Blessing wrote:
> No something I would recommend to anyone that has any commercial  
> sense.

In our particular market it wouldn't hurt us very badly, but ...

This is a specific problem that I think affects us all, and it  
bothers me greatly that large organizations like BT are allowed to  
give the finger to everyone on this list because they don't have to  
worry about being nullrouted on a global basis.  Knowing this, they  
are allowed to understaff and otherwise ignore their abuse help  
desks.  Because their size allows them to not care.

I'd love to find a way to change that equation.

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