How many others are nullrouting BT?

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Mon May 14 17:44:59 UTC 2007

On May 14, 2007, at 2:43 AM, <michael.dillon at>  
<michael.dillon at> wrote:
>> I do hope that when the UK police get tired of waiting, that they  
>> shut
>> down everything in BT's data centre and take it all as evidence.  BT
>> deserves at least that, and frankly a whole lot more.
> I've already replied privately to Jo offering my help to escalate this
> internally at BT to the right person. But I would like to point out  
> that
> BT does not have "a" data centre that can be shut down. BT is a very
> large network operator with probably hundreds of data centres  
> worldwide.

I knew that.  I meant the bt broadband data centre which keeps the  
log data for user sessions.

And anyway, I didn't expect it either.  It's an ISP horror story that  
has happened only a few times. I was simply expressing frustration in  
saying that BT deserved it.

> We also operate multiple IP networks and have many different lines of
> business. The problem appears to be with the UK consumer Internet line
> of business. Even though I have nothing to do with that particular
> group, I will still escalate this issue to make sure that the right
> people know about it.

Thank you.

> While NANOG is a nice stopgap for getting to the right people, it  
> seems
> to me that we should, collectively, come up with a better system for
> doing this. If only the RIR databases were verified so that all  
> contacts
> listed were reading, willing and able to act on abuse issues...

I used Nanog only as a stop-gap because no other lines were working.   
Checking my nanog sent file, I've done with 7 times over 10 years, so  
I think I can say that I don't abuse this approach ;-)

The RIR data only pointed to abuse at, and that was  
getting me nowhere.  Their responses to the customer were less than  
useful.  They weren't responding to my requests for escalation at all.

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