How many others are nullrouting BT?

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Mon May 14 17:39:58 UTC 2007

We are in the colo business.  We start at half-cabinet and go upwards  
so it tends to be businesses with real sysadmins.  That helps, since  
it means hundreds of businesses and not millions of users.

But yes, our main concern is quickly isolating Windows/Linux systems  
which have been compromised and shut them down.  We use a lot of  
tools to analyze traffic, and usually take the compromised machine  
offline before we get abuse reports.

On May 13, 2007, at 3:00 AM, Alexander Koch wrote:
> you are in the colo business, and not in the access
> business?  You surely must also have millions of users,
> all with Windows on it and some horses and what not.
> Just a thought, with no opinion specifically.
> Alexander
> On Sat, 12 May 2007 09:06:58 -0700, Jo Rhett wrote:
>> We do better.  We answer *EVERY* abuse complaint.  Which isn't much,
>> because we do the job correctly.  And we care about the
>> reliability/usability of the 'Net as a whole.

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