HSRP availability in datacenters?

Jason Matthews jason at technorati.com
Fri May 11 22:55:32 UTC 2007

On routers, you have your choice as of 12.2 (I believe). On the small 
3550/3560 type MLS products only HSRP is offered. The 4948, being a 
cat4500 with a modern sup, offers both.

Of course the "new" animal in town is GLBP which offers load sharing.


Donald Stahl wrote:
>> No, in fact those are very interesting as they're a stop-gap between 
>> 3750s
>> and 4500s at a good price per port.  Are there any HSRP limitations 
>> on them?
>> Guess I need to do some more research, as those are pretty hot.
> Hasn't Cisco said for years that HSRP should not be used in new 
> deployments and that VRRP should be used instead? Just curious.
> -Don

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