HSRP availability in datacenters?

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Fri May 11 20:18:14 UTC 2007

Since you are already deploying redundant hardware, why not just run two 
links to the customer? 3550s support simple routing as well as BGP and 
this protects your customer from things like your 3550 failing...

And causes less HSRP and other chatter.

I would encourage my competitors to engineer customers on L2 interfaces 
with a redundancy protocol on-top all day long.


Randal Kohutek wrote:
> My cohorts in suits have begun wondering if HSRP is standard for customer
> gateways, and from there wondering if it is something we should charge for.
> I did some research and came up with mixed results; I'd like to hear
> nanogers experiences with this:
> In your experience, do datacenters provide free HSRP gateways, or do they
> make you pay for it?
> Real world examples are better than Google :)
> Thanks,
> Randal

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