HSRP availability in datacenters?

Mike Lyon mike.lyon at gmail.com
Fri May 11 18:39:45 UTC 2007

So is the question: you are selling transit to your customers and you
are wondering if you should charge your customer for allowing them to
use your HSRP gateway instead of a physical interface on your router?

Personally, if I saw a provider charging for that service, I would shy
away from them. Only because it tells me they are piece-mealing their
services and are cheap. I would think a good provider would include
that (and/or not sell it WITHOUT HSRP) in their sales offering. If for
the only reason of customer support nightmares. If you have your
customers on HSRP and you have a router go down, you wont have them
calling you every five minutes bitching at you...


On 5/11/07, Randal Kohutek <nanog at data102.com> wrote:
> My cohorts in suits have begun wondering if HSRP is standard for customer
> gateways, and from there wondering if it is something we should charge for.
> I did some research and came up with mixed results; I'd like to hear
> nanogers experiences with this:
> In your experience, do datacenters provide free HSRP gateways, or do they
> make you pay for it?
> Real world examples are better than Google :)
> Thanks,
> Randal

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