Policy of Dial-up session processing

Joe Shen joe_hznm at yahoo.com.sg
Fri May 11 12:17:02 UTC 2007


  Maybe this is out-of-topic ,but I can't find any 
place where could find answer for this question. 
If this is intrusive, just ingore it please.

  my question is : 
   how does ISP do with DSL dial-up sessions which
pass the accouting period time. 

  E.g.  If a customer subscribe DSL service at
15USD/month for 150hours.  If the subscriber used 
145hours by 30th May. He get online at 21:00 on 31th,
and get offline at 5:00 on  June 2th. 

  The radius server could only export the customer's
session when he get offline. So, problem comes to
accouting system which was designed to calculate
customer usage on first day of each month.  The
cut-off line of each month usage is set to 00:00 on
first day of each month. 

  Someone says ,  ISP should force those session
closed at 00:00 on first day of each month, because
they must ensure dial-up session of last month sould
not be accouted in next month. Is this true ? 

thanks in advance.



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