ISP CALEA compliance

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Fri May 11 04:34:54 UTC 2007

I bet this guy used to work for Enron...

Anyway, here is what I have learned from my experience with our friends in
law enforcement (be it local, state, or federal).  First and foremost, they
like us are only humans trying to make a living.  They are not out to get us
and they don't take some sort of sick pleasure in making us do more work.
When dealing with law enforcement, it is best to be friendly, kind, and
polite.  Smiling helps too.  If they start using big words and legal jargon
or you are not sure how to proceed, call in the folks from legal.  But don't
go about trying to make life harder for law enforcement.  At the end of the
day, they are trying to lockup the folks that send spam, write viruses,
steal people's indentify, and make the Internet an unfriendly place.  That
is in addition to stopping all the terrorists, child pornographers,
stalkers, and other unsavory folks who use the Internet to help them in
their crimes.

My $0.02,
Adam Stasiniewicz

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On Thu, 10 May 2007, Jon Lewis wrote:

> On Thu, 10 May 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > Follow the usual best practices, and you may save time and money.
> >
> > 1. Ensure that your DHCP, RADIUS, SMTP, and other logs are always,
> > ALWAYS, *ALWAYS* rolled over and deleted within 7 days without backup.
> > I'd recommend 3 days, but operational requirements vary.
> Assuming you're actually serious, how do you deal with customers who
> dispute usage one or more months ago (when they get their bill)?

there is no way this fellow is serious, nor is there anyway this fellow's
advice should be taken without some serious legal discussions with
in-house counsel... the penalties for non-compliance for CALEA are very
steep (100k/day while an order is outstanding I believe?).

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