ISP CALEA compliance

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Thu May 10 22:53:26 UTC 2007

Thus spake "Donald Stahl" <don at>
> Working hard to defend privacy does not automatically equal
> protecting people who exploit children- and I'm getting sick and
> tired of people screaming "Think of the children!" It's a stupid,
> fear mongering tactic- and hopefully one day people will think
> of it in the same way as crying wolf.

Ditto; I'm sick of all the programs that are pushed with that justification. 
People are all too happy to give up their privacy to "protect" kids, rather 
than just doing a decent job of parenting themselves.

> If you don't have anything to hide- then why should you care right?
> On the other hand- these sorts of laws may just be enough to
> push everyone to use encryption- and then what will LE do?

Arrest everyone!  Have you forgotten the court ruling a year or two ago that 
using PGP was evidence of covering up a crime?


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