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Patrick Muldoon doon at
Thu May 10 18:36:45 UTC 2007

On May 10, 2007, at 2:03 PM, Jason Frisvold wrote:

> Here's a question that's come up around here.  Does a CALEA intercept
> include "hairpining" or is it *only* traffic leaving your network?
> I'm of the opinion that a CALEA intercept request includes every bit
> of traffic being sent or received by the targeted individual, but
> there is strong opposition here that thinks only internet-related
> traffic counts.

IANAL and I don't even play on the net, but...

We've been under the impression that is *all* data.  So for us,  
things like PPPoE Sessions, just putting a tap/span port upstream of  
the aggregation router will not work as you would miss any traffic  
going from USER A <-> USER B, if they where on the same aggregation  
device.   Since the Intercept has to be invisible to the parties  
being tapped, you can't route their traffic back out and then in  
either, since the tap would change the flow.    In that regard, we've  
been upgrading our older NPE's to newer ones in order to support  
SII,  All the while I keep having something a co-worker said stuck in  
my head.  "CALEA - Consultant And Lawyer Enrichment Act" :)


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