ISP CALEA compliance

David E. Smith dave at
Thu May 10 16:36:38 UTC 2007

Nikos Mouat wrote:

> I have interpretted CALEA to apply only to providers of VOICE service,
> be it VOIP or traditional, however I was told this morning point blank
> by the FCC that CALEA most definitely applies to all ISPs that provide
> internet access at speeds over 200k.

That, and the definition of ISP, are still a bit fuzzy...

wireless at, for instance, has had a LOT of chatter about that,
but WISPA's staff attorney believes that small wireless ISPs are
required to be CALEA-compliant. (WISPA is a trade association for
wireless ISPs.) If small ISPs have to be compliant, it's probably safe
to assume big ISPs are too. :) is the list archive - there's
a lot of noise in there, but a fair amount of signal (start in February
2007 or so, and work your way up). There's also forms you're apparently
supposed to fill out (FCC Form 445, and a CALEA compliance plan due next

As always your friendly attorney knows better than I do.

David Smith

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