Load balancing

Nicolás Antoniello nicolas at antel.net.uy
Tue May 8 12:04:03 UTC 2007

If you choose etherchannel, also spend some minutes reading about the 
balancing algorithm for your platform.

On Mon, 7 May 2007, Bruce Pinsky wrote:

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bep >dan wrote:
bep >> Hello,
bep >> I currently have 2 routers with a single gigabit link (and corresponding
bep >> internal BGP session) between them.
bep >> router1 <---------gigabit------->router2
bep >> 
bep >> Simple setup. Now that we have reached the limit on this gigabit link,
bep >> we are adding a second gigabit link between the same 2 routers, and we
bep >> wish to load balance across them. Traffic is about 5:1 ratio of out:in.
bep >> router2 has bgp sessions with several upstreams, and router 1 has bgp
bep >> sessions with further internal routers. What is the best way to balance
bep >> across these 2 links?
bep >> 
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bep >Depending on the platforms, etherchannel/port-channel would be a fairly
bep >straightforward solution.
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