On-going Internet Emergency and Domain Names

Stephen Satchell list at satchell.net
Sat Mar 31 17:20:55 UTC 2007

Kradorex Xeron wrote:

> What needs to be done is the ISPs allowing botnets and malware to run rampid 
> on their networks to be held accountable for being negligent on their network 
> security, Service provider abuse mailboxes should be paid more heed to, and 
> reports should be acted upon,

The presupposes that people will report problems.  The situation with
spam shows clearly that when the problem gets big enough, people will
*stop* *reporting* *incidents*.

Out of a clear blue sky, one of my servers found its way into the CBL.
No spam reports, none at all.  (I'm the Abuse Investigator, the one who
has to read all the reports -- and the spam -- directed at
[email protected]$DAYJOB, so I would know.)

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