Jumbo frames

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Thu Mar 29 07:56:17 UTC 2007

On 28 Mar 2007, at 00:28, Jim Shankland wrote:

> Jumbo frames seem to help a lot when trying to max out a 10 GbE  
> link, which is what the Internet land speed record guys have been  
> doing. At 45 Mb/s, I'd be very surprised if it bought you more than  
> 2-4% in additional throughput.  It's worth a shot, I suppose, if  
> the network infrastructure supports it.

The original poster was talking about a streaming application -  
increasing the frame size can cause it take longer for frames to fill  
a packet and then hit the wire increasing actual latency in your  

Probably doesn't matter when the stream is text, but as voice and  
video get pushed around via IP more and more, this will matter.

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