Slightly OT: Looking for an old domain for spam collection

Ken Simpson ksimpson at
Wed Mar 28 16:05:45 UTC 2007

> The conclusion of that thread can be found here:


> A word of caution.  When attempting to collect IP address based abuse
> information, spoofed BGP announcements MUST be tracked as well.  This
> topic or even mention of ASNs was excluded in the "Guidelines for
> Management of DNS-Based Reputation Systems for Email" written by Yakov
> Shafranovich, Nick Nicholas, Matt Sergeant, and Chris Lewis and
> published by Nick Nicholas on the ASRG reflector.  This paper ironically
> excluded the role of the provider.

We're not going to be using the data as a honey pot, so it won't
affect anyone's reputation. This is really just for "real-world" load
testing and evaluation of new techniques.

Our customers get lots of mail, but we have to be -- how shall I say
-- careful with it!

> A cooperative effort by providers is likely the _only_ viable solution
> for dealing with this chronic problem.  Targeted abuse is also unlikely
> to be detected from disposed MX domains, but will detect amateurs. 

I agree whole-heartedly. What is particularly missing IMHO is a
spoofed-BGP-route blacklist. Anyone making any progress on that sort
of thing?


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