TCP and WAN issue

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Tue Mar 27 22:58:07 UTC 2007

On Mar 27, 2007, at 3:24 PM, <michael.dillon at> wrote:

> Personally, I would prefer to see more people fixing the  
> infrastructure
> rather than accepting it as a limit.

Concur - what I meant is, 'can support when fully optimized'.


> Tweaking apps generally turns out to be heavy-duty stuff with lots of
> release control and testing. Also, the applications programmers
> generally have a poor understanding of network issues. If you can
> separate the applications stuff from the data transfer stuff, and  
> tackle
> the network issues first, then you will have an easier time of it.

Concur - app-tweaking should be the penultimate approach (and then,  
maybe, look at boxes, if there's an issue which can't be resolved the  
other ways; but my guess is that doing the BCPs should yield good  

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