Could it be possible to extend PPPoE Error code?

Dominic J. Eidson sauron at
Mon Mar 26 23:02:26 UTC 2007

On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Hugh Irvine wrote:

> Hello Joe -
> There is a RADIUS "Reply-Message" reply attribute that can be used to send 
> any message you wish in an Access-Reject. However the display of whatever is 
> sent in the "Reply-Message" is up to your NAS equipment and/or connecting 
> client device. In my experience there are almost no client devices that 
> actually display the "Reply-Message", but as always YMMV.

It seems to me this would be something best reserved for the radius 
server, not the end-user to track.

And it seems trivial to get (at least on 2 out of 3) radius servers to 
have them log a line to syslog/your choice of log file upon failures, 
including which of your three scenarios caused the failure..

  - d.

> On 26 Mar 2007, at 23:50, Joe Shen wrote:
>>     We want to identify the exact reason for customer
>> complaint. So, it that possible to extend radius
>> server and Broadband Access Server ( Juniper E series)
>> to echo different error code for different reason.
>> E.g.
>>   Error code 691 for wrong password
>>   Error code  851 for wrong access port
>>   Error code 852  for exceeding limit of concurrent
>> session number

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