Could it be possible to extend PPPoE Error code?

Joe Shen joe_hznm at
Mon Mar 26 13:50:25 UTC 2007


  We provide broadband access by ADSL. The cucurrent
session number and access port is controled by radius
server. E.g. an PPPoE account can ONLY be used with a
designated access port, and current session of that
account is limited to 3 or 5. 
   If a subscriber dials with a username.  mismatching
username and password, illegal access port and 
exceeding current session number  reach the same error
code "691" on subscriber's computer. 

    We want to identify the exact reason for customer
complaint. So, it that possible to extend radius
server and Broadband Access Server ( Juniper E series)
to echo different error code for different reason.
  Error code 691 for wrong password
  Error code  851 for wrong access port
  Error code 852  for exceeding limit of concurrent
session number



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