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william(at) wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Rubens Kuhl Jr. wrote:
>> What open-source or low-budget tools are operators using for SLA
>> monitoring when the reports (current state and historical) should be
>> available to customers ?
> Please define SLA in terms of monitoring.
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I would say,

- - availability
- - response time / latency
- - utilization
- - accuracy and errors
- - five nines, six nines , take your pick and define your own holy grail.

>> Looking at NANOG archives, NAGIOS is the most prevalent tool, but its
>> authorization mechanisms are somewhat below I would like so customers
>> could not change anything both in configuration and in SLA software
>> state
> You can setup so that customer only sees the data on status of the
> services he or she has access to by adding customer into as a contact
> for host or services. Do you think that your customers should or
> should not have such access to your central nagios system?
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correct, one can define user privilege mode as to what can be drilled into


>> I'm looking for something more like Cacti, where customers can be
>> contained to only see some of the generated graphs.
> Would you be satisfied with graphing extension to nagios that is
> tied replicates nagios security mechanism where customer can see
> graphs for the service he/she is listed as contact for?
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