SLA monitoring and reporting to customers

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Ray Burkholder wrote:
>> What open-source or low-budget tools are operators using for 
>> SLA monitoring when the reports (current state and 
>> historical) should be available to customers ?
> Here is one way to do it on the cheap.
> I have worked with Cricket and genDevConfig extensively.  genDevConfig will
> scan a router and automatically create the cricket SNMP commands to pull the
> IP SLA statistics out, or what ever other statistics in which you are
> interested.  This scanning parameters are stored in a cricket config file
> and the data in rrd files.
> A custom Perl script, with or without some Mason templating could be used
> along with a connection to a backend Postgresql database for user
> authentication.
> It should be relatively easy to create two tables:  
>   a) userid, username or email, password
>   b) userid, router, interface/id for sla
> Then that data can be used in a Perl script to generate a page of customer
> specific graphs in a user-authenticated web site.
> Ray.
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Generally if you are responsible for meeting a SLA, one has to take
outages into account.


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