SLA monitoring and reporting to customers

Ray Burkholder ray at
Mon Mar 19 00:20:46 UTC 2007

> What open-source or low-budget tools are operators using for 
> SLA monitoring when the reports (current state and 
> historical) should be available to customers ?

Here is one way to do it on the cheap.

I have worked with Cricket and genDevConfig extensively.  genDevConfig will
scan a router and automatically create the cricket SNMP commands to pull the
IP SLA statistics out, or what ever other statistics in which you are
interested.  This scanning parameters are stored in a cricket config file
and the data in rrd files.

A custom Perl script, with or without some Mason templating could be used
along with a connection to a backend Postgresql database for user

It should be relatively easy to create two tables:  
  a) userid, username or email, password
  b) userid, router, interface/id for sla

Then that data can be used in a Perl script to generate a page of customer
specific graphs in a user-authenticated web site.


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