AUP enforcement diligence

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Fri Mar 16 13:58:47 UTC 2007

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007, David Barak wrote:

> It does surprise me that no enterprising person/group
> has turned this into a salable feature: "we're the
> network which shuts down spammers/infected/baddies." 
> I could imagine that there would be customers who
> would rather give their business to providers who are
> more active in this regard than less, and that would
> be a way for a service provider to differentiate
> themself from the rest of the pack.

People try that. They then get DDoS'ed. Then they stop.
(Thats the people that try to do it by providing internet-based services.
People who sell products probably fare slightly better.)


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