NOC Personel Question (Possibly OT)

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at
Fri Mar 16 07:25:24 UTC 2007

GE> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:49:20 -0500 (CDT)
GE> From: Gadi Evron

[ tongue perhaps only slightly in cheek ]

GE> Some things the NOC used to help us with quite lot, that were not
GE> directly related to their obvious job description:
GE> 1. Reboots (as specified earlier).
GE> 2. Getting files on and off machines (via email to the NOC?)
GE> 3. Installing machines.

4. Frequent NANOG posting.

GE> Meaning, tasks which either take a lot of time or make us go down three
GE> floors to do ourselves.

I believe one would classify the proposed #4 as the former.

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