Possibly OT, definately humor. rDNS is to policy set by federal law.

S. Ryan auser at mind.net
Fri Mar 16 02:41:58 UTC 2007

Nothing is wrong with what he posted.  The guy is a moron.  However, I 
was taking my 15 min of fame to jab at SORBS policy of listing people on 
their respective lists.  It's dysfunctional and broken, but that again 
is just my opinion.

Oh and, of course publicly humiliating the guy is certainly not that 
cool.  However, while it's not really above me to do the same, he could 
have removed the email address so spammers aren't adding to that guys 
list of problems.

Anyway, don't mind me.  I just wanted to add to the off-topic drivel Mat 
posted since I can't stand SORBS. :>

Steve Sobol wroteth on 3/15/2007 7:31 PM:
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, S. Ryan wrote:
>> Typical SORBS behavior.  While this guy can demand all he wants, doesn't 
>> mean he will get what he wants or that he's right or wrong.
> What's wrong with what Mat posted? The guy claiming DNS is regulated by 
> federal law is an idiot. Not that I always agree with what Mat says, but 
> the guy's claims are obviously and patently false. The claims, in fact, 
> are so ridiculous that I tend to think he's making them to weasel out of 
> solving the problem that got him listed in the first place. People doing 
> that *deserve* to be publically ridiculed. 
> When I talk to Mat I generally have no problems having a civil and 
> productive discussion with him. But I don't start out with an attitude, 
> and I don't cook up absurd stories to try to get out of fixing my spam 
> problem. (Not that I have one, but if I did, I'd not try to weasel out of 
> fixing it.)
>> Personally, we gave up using SORBS because of it's very high 
>> false-positive ratio 
> YMMV; at $DAYJOB we don't seem to have the same problem.
> Disclaimer: My opinions, not my boss's, etc.

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