Possibly OT, definately humor. rDNS is to policy set by federal law.

S. Ryan auser at mind.net
Fri Mar 16 02:06:16 UTC 2007

Typical SORBS behavior.  While this guy can demand all he wants, doesn't 
mean he will get what he wants or that he's right or wrong.

Personally, we gave up using SORBS because of it's very high 
false-positive ratio and we got tired of hearing customers who were 
upset because they didn't get their airline tickets, hotel reservations, 
or someone in the family was hurt and they missed the email.  Fact of 
the matter is, whether Yahoo! has an SMTP server that 'is spewing SPAM 
according to SORBS..' or not, blanket screwing over everyone else in the 
same range which SORBS does -- is crap.  Customers found it to be crap 
and I got tired of justifying it.

Very hard to justify when someone mails a customer and 50 other people 
and only *my* customers were rejected due to SORBS.

Ditched SORBS and the customers couldn't be happier.

If I were this guy, I wouldn't care.  I'd complain to anyone sending him 
a SORBS failure about all the other *important* mail they're missing and 
prevent their SORBS usage and educate them the harm SORBS is doing.

Thanks for the OT post though.  It gave me my chance to RANT.



Matthew Sullivan wroteth on 3/15/2007 2:28 PM:
> Could be considered off-topic because it is humor.
> I guess a lot of US network operators are going to have to change their 
> DNS entries because apparently the rDNS policies are now set by federal 
> law.....
> http://www.au.sorbs.net/~matthew/funny/rDNS-set-by-federal-law.txt
> Regards,
> Mat

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