SaidCom disconnected by Level 3 (former Telcove property)

Berkman, Scott Scott.Berkman at
Thu Mar 15 18:39:49 UTC 2007

All companies in all industries have a policy of stopping to provide
their services if a customer stops paying or violates the contract, I
really don't see this as a big/little provider argument.

Yes, the small provider should be multi-homed, otherwise a fiber cut or
outage can have this same effect.

To me the only part of this that is up for argument is did SaidCom
actually violate the contract and/or terms of use, and I certainly don't
have enough information beyond that one article to make that decision.
If someone else does please share with the group.


(As always just my 2 cents)

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Is this a normal thing for Level 3 to do, cut off small, responsive


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