NOC Personel Question (Possibly OT)

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Mar 15 16:05:59 UTC 2007

i don't know about most nocs.  but the few to which i have been close
have had three or four levels of folk, from competent techs to darned
good ip engineers.  i know folk in the verio, ntt, iij, ... nocs that i
would rather have backing me up than some of my fellow prima donna
global internet pooh bah c* j* blah blahs on this list.

of course, i have also dealt with nocs where the folk took no ownership,
were poorly clued, ...  i suspect the hr department in question would
like to make one of these.  while it may lose customers, it'll sure make
the expense side of the income statement look good.  and hr departments
are not responsible for the income side of the equation.  just as IT
departments are not given any incentive to maximize productivity, just
to reduce expense for IT.

i just want to say a deep thanks to the noccers who have bailed my butt
out so many times over the years.  may you be shielded as much as
possible from the too narrowly incented hr and it departments, and from
prima donna engineers such as i.


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